OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System

OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System conforms to IEC 61970/61968 standards and covers all devices of distribution grid. Based on wide area distributed data acquisition and networked distribution SCADA, the system intelligently monitors massive real-time data of distribution grid. Via comprehensive graph-model management of main grid and distribution grid, functions of automatic grid monitoring and feeder automation can be implemented, which meets the requirement of integrated regulation and control of distribution grid. Moreover, expanded functions include renewable energy integration, grid self-healing, visualized dispatching and interactive applications. With the application of the system, the process of distribution grid operation and power dispatching can be managed in a closed-loop manner via information sharing and integration and grid management is optimized.

Wide-area distributed data acquisition, massive real-time data processing;

Networked distribution SCADA, intelligent and integrated monitoring of main grid and distribution grid;

Maintenance-free integrated modeling and device abnormality management based on GIS/PMS and EMS;

Complete feeder automation functions, including non-sound information, multiple failures, distributed power and other complex situations optimization;

Various analytical functions, including load transfer, breaking/closing loop analysis and load forecasting etc.;

Practical functions like dispatching management, intelligent operation ticket. Outage management function can be expanded to cover the whole process of faulted and scheduled outage management;

Advanced self-healing technology, control of distribution generation in isolated/integrated mode, power quality monitoring, and interactive applications of distribution and end-use etc.

Supporting multiple communication modes, including optical fiber, wireless communication and power-line carrier, etc., and conforming to power system security regulations;

Conforming to IEC 61970/61968 standards, distribution grid model established according to CIM specifications;

Adopting multi-mode, multi-application technology and dynamic variation and processing mechanism of distribution grid model to enable the switching between current and future models and applications;

Adopting multi-information fusion technology to improve the fault recovery capability in complex situations, for example in the lack of distribution grid operation data or when there is distributed generation/ micro-grid;

Adopting automatic mapping technology to visualize load transfer process, loop closing/breaking process etc.

Annual available rate of system equipmentR99.9%; capacity of real-time dataR500000

Maximum number of terminals accessedR20000; Maximum number of faults simultaneously processedR10;

Hot standby switching time Q20s; cold standby switching timeQ5 min.


OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System architecture

OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System is generally used in distribution automation in urban areas and intelligent high-tech parks. 

2 projects in the first batch of distribution automation pilot projects of State Grid (4 projects in total): Hangzhou project, Yinchuan project.

12 projects of the second batch of distribution automation pilot projects of State Grid (19 projects in total): Nanjing project, Southern Tianjin project etc.  

4 projects of the third batch of distribution automation pilot projects of State Grid (7 projects in total): Nanchang project, Suzhou project, Changchun project and Harbin project.

Distribution automation promotion projects: 8 projects in Zhejiang province, 20 projects including Yangzhou project, Chongqing project, Deyang project etc. 

Smart Grid Comprehensive Demonstration Project: Eco-city in Tianjin, Economic and Technical Development zone in Yangzhou, Distribution automation project in Gongqingcheng, Jiangxi

Smart rural grid pilot projects: Jinzhou Zhejiang, Lucheng Shanxi, Helan Ningxia etc. 

Pilot projects of National Dispatching Center: Beijing downtown area, Hengshui Power Supply Company, D5000 dispatching and control project in Shangluo, Shaanxi.

Pilot projects of China Southern Power Grid: Zhongshan Guangdong, Dongwan Guangdong, Yuxi Yunnan


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