IEB2000 Information Exchange Bus, with independent intellectual property, is the only bus product in China that not only conforms to IEC61968/61970 standards but also meets information security requirement in power system. IEB2000 has technically tackled problems in standard architecture management and multi-protocol interface model. Via IEB2000, data from different business sections in power utility, different operation environments and different software suppliers can be consistent, accurate and standard. IEB2000 breaks multinational corporations’ monopoly and represents the highest level of technology in Smart Grid informationization.

IEB2000 transfers loose coupling information via message format (message XSD) that conforms to IEC61968/61970 standards, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and bus technology. Without changing the original systems, data and services can be easily shared among different systems via standardized adapters of IEB2000. Furthermore, IEB2000 fully supports the information integration that is critical for functions such as power equipment monitoring and control, system reliability management, voltage management, demand side management, outage management, work management and equipment management etc.



Grammar and semantic check of CIM model, information exchange log and visualization management platform, service configuration and business flow management supported

Business data transmission, unified management of registered services, event notification and synchronized data management;

Bus security mechanism, data acquisition function, historical data extraction and system management interface.

Service oriented architecture (SOA), integrating various distribution business into Bus via mechanism conforming to IEC61968/61970 standards;

Equipped with agent isolation component that crosses security zones to enable cross-zone applications calling and information source tracing;

Intelligent multi-agent service management architecture for dynamic tracing and presentation of all services procedures;

Stability and reliability. Quick response to information exchange requests;

Data integration mode supported. Capable of data package in power industry via schema conforming to IEC61968/61970 standards.

Bus security mechanism. Security measures including adapter identification check and encrypted data transmission;

Double-bus supported, enabling the information routing among multiple buses;

Massive data processing supported. Processing billion-level massive data.

IEB2000 addresses the problems of information integration and processing in smart distribution grid. IEB2000 improves power supply reliability and quality, increases energy efficiency, optimizes user experience and lowers line losses. Therefore, its application not only assists with the safe and stable operation of smart grid, but also brings favorable financial benefits as it is widely used in smart grid construction.

The first/second/third phase of North China Power Grid project

Information Exchange Bus in Ningxia Power Supply Company

Information Exchange Bus in Jiaxing Power Supply Company

Information Exchange Bus for distribution grid in Hangzhou

Information Exchange Bus for distribution grid in Qingdao

Information Exchange Bus for distribution grid in Taiyuan

Information Exchange Bus for distribution grid in Shijiazhuang

Distribution and dispatching integrated system in Xingyang and Mengjin

Information Exchange Bus for distribution grid in Qingdao

Information Exchange Bus for Guangxi Provincial dispatching system of China Southern Power Grid

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