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1 Smart Grid dispatching technology supporting system (SG-OSS)

With independent innovation and the international leading level, SG-OSS system is a new generation of smart grid dispatching technology supporting system, which can meet the requirements of unified strong smart grid construction. The system consists of four major categories of applications, which are basic platform and real-time monitoring and pre-warning, scheduling plan, security check, scheduling management. It provides a complete smart grid scheduling technology support means. It can also do a keen foresight alert in panoramic view, optimized adaptive automatic adjust, multidimensional coordination control in a whole view, fine scheduling plan as a whole and normative processing efficient management. It’s an important supporting method of power grid’s operation and control and the management of dispatching.


According to design idea of integration, the architecture, platform and application functions of the system fully considered the inner connection and features of all levels’ dispatching and integration operation. It achieved integration of operation, maintenance and usage. It can meet the requirements of dispatching organizations and specialties of all levels. Meanwhile, it can satisfy the requirements from smart grid dispatching system and its backup system.



The system follows international and domestic standards, supports the latest standard such as IEC61970IEC61850IEC 61968 and so on. The system is designed by functional module and its interface standard. It achieved the standardization of services and interfaces, normalization of data and data’s change, and the flexible configuration of application function and the integration of the third company’s software.



The system fully referred advanced technology and the research results at home and abroad in related fields. It absorbed SOA architecture, the architecture based on safety area, device-oriented standard model and the international advanced technology as the unified visual interface technology and so on. It has reached advanced international level in a whole.



According to the national information security rank protection requirements, the system adopted the advanced safe technology as dispatching digital certificate based on dispatching and security label. It also strengthens deep security protection of the foundation platform and application function. It adopted the computers, communication devices and operation system which can meet the security requirements. It provided strong supports to the protection construction of defense mechanism of the secondary system.












The system has a processing ability of large capacity and outstanding performance, which can meet requirements of related standards specification crated by all kinds of electric power industry or the state grid corporation.

It can be applied in power grid dispatching centers at all levels.

The implementation of SG-OSS system application has been promoted step by step, the applications in the first group of the smart grid testing projects (includes national dispatching center, regional dispatching center of Central China, North China, and East China, provincial dispatching center of Jiangsu and Sichuan etc.) had been all started. The testing project of regional dispatching of Central China had been commissioned practically by the end of April 2010.

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