NARI SEA3000 AMI system is designed based on ISO/IEC and other international standards. It real time meters, acquires, processes and monitors the energy information of power consumers, such as electricity, heat and gas and so on, to realize the full coverage of power consumers and all acquisition of energy efficiency information, which supports data management, tariff control management, bill service management, consumer management and other integrated AMI solutions.


AMI is composed of smart meter installed at client, central system located in electric power corporation and communication system among them. Recently, in order to reinforce demand side management, AMI is also extended to HAN in consumers’ residence. AMI mainly includes family network system, smart meter, local communication network, communication network connected with data center of electric power cooperation, meter data acquisition system and data processing system (DPS), etc.

It realizes automatic meter reading and acquired data management, and can also realize metering abnormal monitoring, power quality monitoring, power analysis and management, related information release, distributed energy monitoring and information interaction of smart devices and provides system interface with CC&B, OMS GIS and SCADA.


Data acquisition terminal complies with DLMS/COSEM specification, which not only acquires, processes and saves the data of all smart meters, but also exchanges the data with the master station or hand-held units (HHU).


It can realize energy bi-direction metering and remote communication; can be used as the energy gateway for communication between water meter, gas meter and heat meter and in-home display; be able to improve energy utilization efficiency and service of energy management system.

Pursuant standards: The communication protocol is mainly based on IEC-62056: Electrical metering - Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control; the system safety is mainly based on IEC-62055: Electricity metering - Payment systems ; the data model design and interaction among other systems are mainly based on IEC-61970: Energy management system application program interface and IEC-61968: Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management.


Integrated deployment of data management system (MDMS) and acquisition system (HE): Both systems (MDMS & HE) are of the same data storage mode, which enables the data interaction via high-speed remote calling or process channel, thus avoiding the frequency interaction among files and improving the efficiency of the data access and processing.


Large-scale terminal access processing: The system adopts the asynchronous mode to realize the large-scale and highly efficient access of acquisition points; and achieves the freely flexible system architecture through parallel technology to meet the demands of different user scales and future user scale development.


Automatic networking registration: AMI system can automatically discover and register the newly-installed concentrators and meters. After the concentrator operates in order, it will be automatically registered to the communication front-end processor. Then, the communication front-end processor will actively upload it to the acquisition front-end processor which will later send this information to the data management system (MDMS). Finally, the data management system (MDMS) will make the model maintenance upon the registration information and customer data, which can greatly reduce the workload of the personnel from electric power companies.


Model design of complete compliance with DLMS/COSEM and good interface consistency: The data access and information encryption mechanism based on DLMS guarantees the operation consistency among master station, terminals and energy meters.


Zigbee/M-bus/Bluetooth/Wifi interfaces: Two-way communication can be made with water, gas & heat meters and family display terminals (IHD) for the family energy management.


Multiple advanced anti-electricity-theft functions: Dual-loop metering function can effectively find out whether it is possible to steal the electricity; in addition, good electro-magnetic compatibility, immunity to magnetic field interference, password authentication and opening alarm etc can also effectively prevent the data and parameters from being tampered.


Two-way metering function: This supports the access of distributed power supplies and multiple electric charging methods such as time of use and step tariff. Moreover, it provides the management of demand side, such as demand and load curves, etc.


Communicationmodularized design: This supports multiple remote communication ways such as GPRS/3G/Ethenet as well as internationally main-stream carrier communication ways such as PRIME/G3/IEC61334 for local communication.


It also provides remote maintenance functions, such as remote parameter modification, remote breakpoint resume upgrade application program (non-metering part), etc.

Control correction rate ≥99.99%; annual availability: master station ≥99.5%; terminal ≥99.5%


Average MTBF of various devices in master station≥ 25,000h;


System failure recovery time ≤1h; time of response to remote control operation ≤5s;


Time of master station inspecting the terminal important information (important state information, gross power and power energy) 15min;


Time of response to regular data collection and setting 15s; time of response to historical data collection 30s 


Number of accessed terminals 250,000


Data volume of 3 years 25 TB


Number of messages per minute 6,000,000/min


Number of accessed users 10,000,000


Concurrent number of workstations 500



Figure1: Overall architecture of AMI system

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Ukraine

Finish the daily electricity metering works for Kiev master station and nine affiliated stations in Ukraine.

Based on the corresponding statistics and settlement model, such functions as electricity statistics, calculation, assessment and charges settlement for different users, different time buckets and different tariffs are achieved.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in West  Asia

On July 31st, 2012, NARI Group Corporation signed a contract on the Phase I project of Smart Power Utilization Project FAHAM in West Asia, which included the master station systems of two princes and 17 thousands of concentrators and 400 thousands of energy meters. The overall technical scheme of FAHAM Project in West Asia is based on the international AMI standards. The communication framework of the entire system is designed under IEC62056 in which the business interfaces of future smart power utilization have also been taken into consideration. The whole system design represents the top level of international smart power utilization technologies at present and also at the same time shows the development direction of international smart power utilization technologies in next few years. The master station system is designed on IEC61970-based CIM model architecture and completes the business interaction with other systems via IEC61968 standard interfaces. The terminals and energy meters are designed on DLMS/COSEM-based models and integrate with the latest carrier technology and wireless communication technology to realize a set of acquisition system over smart power utilization information that can completely solve the most of energy metering problems in electricity, water, gas and heat.


AMI advanced metering infrastructure in Hebei of China

AMI advanced metering infrastructure system of Hebei Electric Power Corporation realizes the integrated acquisition and application for gateway metering of 6 power supply companies such as Hebei, Shijiazhuang and so on, special and public transformers and power utilization information of low voltage users. And there are 2 million users using the AMI system and 20 thousand gateway meters with 99.5% successful acquisition rate. It also realizes online monitoring and real-time acquisition of important information such as user load, energy and voltage which provides real-time power utilization information data of electric users promptly, completely and correctly for “SG186 Project” marketing business application and realizes automatic information acquisition, intelligent power utilization, real-time operating target and ordered power utilization management of marketing business.

Company has now undertaken the AMI central system of companies in seven provinces including Anhui, Hebei, Sinkiang, Jiangxi, North China, Qinghai and Mengdong, which occupies 26% market share in network provincial system and plays a leading role in both overseas and domestic factories. Also the acquisition terminal is selected by network provincial companies such as Chongqing, Jilin, Sichuan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Sinkiang, Qinghai, Jiangxi, Mengdong, Hubei and Shandong for the centralized bids and has been put into operation. At the same time, we are conducting overseas market development and have carried out Pilot Project Construction of AMI system in the Middle East countries.

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