The NS2000 Substation Integrated  Automati  on System, adopting advanced computer hardware technology and network technology, is a new computer supervisory  control s ystem launched by NARI based on its experience of researching, developing and practicalapplication for many years.development, and successful field operation. Complying with both international and Chinese standards, employing brand new design and development technology, the system is able to satisfy the requirements on automation system of various scales of substations. As critical component of substation automation, NS2000 Substation Integrated  Automati   on System plays key role on  local & remote supervisory   control   and information management, so as to reduce the workload of O&M staff, and provide robust technology   platform   and support on stability and reliability  enhancement of substation operation.

Supervisory function

Data acquisition (status, AC/DC analogue, pulse value) and processing function

Warning and event logging function

Historical data recording function

Graphics function

Display and print  function

Reporting function

Post disturbance review function


Control function

Support selective control of multiple remote dispatch & control centers

Selective control function for computer supervisory control system in control room

Local control function for bay level devices

Synchronizing check and synchronizing reclosing function

IEC61131-3 configuration based automatic control function

IEC61131-3 configuration based whole substation logic blocking function

Bay level device based whole substation logic blocking function

Voltage reactive power automatic regulation function

Bay level device based sequence control function


Protection and automatic control function

Line, feeder protection function

Transformer, reactor protection function

Motor protection function

Generator protection function

Capacitor protection function

Bus bar protection

Under frequency, under voltage tripping

out-of-step tripping

Fast change-over

Automatic quasi-synchronizatio


Configuration function

System configuration

Graphic configuration

Database configuration

IEC61131-3 standard based PLC control function configuration


Communication function

Equipped with multiple communication interfaces supporting multi-media and various types of network (RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, power line carrier, electric cable, optical cable, wireless, etc.)

Communication function with high speed network data of supervisory control unit

Communication function with various types of computer protection

Communication functions with various types of smart device (computer DC system, intelligent energy meter, intelligent fire detection and alarm, GPS, etc.)


Advanced application function

Voltage reactive power automatic regulation function

Embedded computer “Five Fault Prevention” function

Low current grounding line selection function

Operation order and miss operation blocking function

System diagnostic and self-recovery function

Tele-monitoring and maintenance function

Web based low voltage bus protection function



Total solution of substation integrated automation: The NS2000 whole series product covers automatic devices such as computer supervisory control system (windows, unix, linux platform), communication controller, power lines with voltage level at 10kV-1000kV, feeder, short lines, capacitor, transformer, reactor, motor, generator protection and the measuring & control device, backup power automatic switch-in device, under frequency & under voltage tripping, fast change-over device, etc. It is able to provide comprehensively optimized solutions based on all kind of demands of substation automation system.


International standard based open system


The protection and monitoring device is equipped with embedded hardware platform, which is based on new structure, new component, new process craft, high-standard electromagnetic compatibility design, and is of high reliability.


IEC61131-3 based PLC function: the Programmable control function is designed in accordance with IEC61131-3 standard, and is able to realize sequence control and group control of single device, and control logic blocking of the whole substation.


Flexible configuration


Main devices of the system support main device redundancy configuration


Support data sharing of whole substation; be able to realize logic blocking and automatic sequence control of whole substation operation, with no dependence on station control level


Computer supervisory control system adopts business and real-time consolidated, object oriented, and graphic-model-and-database integrated database management system


Background monitor system, communication control unit, protection and monitoring device all support IEC61850 function

RTU quantity connected into the system: Each front-end Processor can connect maximum 256 RTUs. By using parallel mode, multiple front-end Processors can constitute one front-end Processor system, which can connect maximum 256 RTUs. As for supporting IEC61850 protocol substation, each front-end Processor can support  maximum 512 report control blocks connection


Database capacity: the tele-signaling, tele-metering, tele-pulse, telecontrol and teleregulation value are only limited by the word length, and the type is 231, objectively no constraints. The computing function can be defined at discretion, and can operate with conditions. The arithmetic type and total computing amount are not constrained.


Historical data, document storage capacity: the minimum sample data interval is 1min, with number of samples unconstrained. The sample data retention cycle can be defined at the user’s discretion, and the maximum cycle is only constrained by peripheral storage space. The warning information retention cycle can be defined at the user’s discretion, which is only constrained by peripheral storage space. The general system can be configured as two-three years of historical data retention.


Voltage Quality Control (VQC): For one substation, the VQC can manage 6 sets of main transformer at maximum, with each set of main transform containing Object Control of 4 sections of bus, 24 capacitors, and 24 reactors.

Post disturbance review: In the event of malfunction of system switch, the relevant tele-metering value, the tele-signaling, tele-metering, tele-pulse, telecontrol and teleregulation value will be automatically recorded, and the quantity can be defined at discretion.


Simulation Screen control and system forward: The use can define the tele-signaling, tele-metering, pulse value and other computing value at its discretion, for screen display or forwarding


Connection with channel as centralized control station: when the system is used as centralized control station, it can connect maximum 8 mutually independent, and different protocol-supported channels


System response time:

Telemetering cross-division transfer £3s

Telemetering whole system scan 38s (64 stations)

Switching value change response time £1s

Event change warning response time £1s

Control command £1s

Tele-regulation command  £3s

Picture response time £13s

Picture refresh  £13s

SCADA main-standby equipment disturbance switching £10s


Loading rate: The CPU loading rate of all computers under normal condition shall be less than 30% within any 5mins, and less than 50% within any 10s. The LAN loading rate under normal condition shall be less than 25% within any 5mins, and less than 35% under warning condition.

This system is applicable for conventional substation, or IEC61850 substation with various voltage levels in the power system; is applicable for switchyard and auxiliary automation in power plant, hydropower station; is applicable for highway, electrified railway, subway, mines, petrochemical, metallurgy, port, water supply, environmental protection, machine room, and other industrial automation fields, especially processing monitoring of subway, light railway and electrified railway.

Since NARI launched the substation automation system in early 1990s, it has been widely used in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China, and in countries such as Sudan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

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