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Distributed Generation / Energy Storage and Micro-grid Operation and Integration Control System in Chengde, Hebei province

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Chengde, Hebei, China     2011

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The distributed generation/energy storage and micro-grid access control project of North China Grid Company Limited adopts two modes i.e. village and household mode. Wherein:

Village mode: 60kW wind power generation, 50kWp PV generation system, 80kW/128kWh energy storage system

Household modes:Two sets of household modes include

  • One dominated by wind power generation and supplemented by photovoltaic generation, 1kW wind power, 680Wp photovoltaic and 48V/200Ah stored energy
  • The other dominated by photovoltaic generation and supplemented by wind power generation, 1kWp photovoltaic, 1kW wind power and 48V/200Ah stored energy

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