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Power Dispatching

National Load Dispatch Center Modification Project of NEC, Sudan

National Energy Management System of the Philippines

Energy Planning and Optimization Software Project of CEM

Brazil CCMC project


Power Transformation£º

Thirteen 110 Kv Substation Automation System of Papua New Guinea

THANKOT and HARISIDDHI Substation Automation System Modification Project of Nepai

Chishtian and Vehari Substation Project of Pakistan

Warehouse Video Surveillance System in Riyadh, Hail and Qassem of Saudi Electric Corporation

TIAC Project PLC Control System and Protection of Saudi Electric Corporation

Forty five 110kv Substations of Thailand£¨IEC61850£©

Twenty two 220kv Substation Surveillance System of NEC, Susan

PLTU MALUKU(AMBON)2*15MW Project protection and Surveillance System of Indonesia

230kV Substation Automation System of the Philippines£¨IEC61850£©

 Dispatching Automationpower plant access project of Laos

Gas Purification Plant Project of South Los Temple, Turkmenistan

ADAMA(NAZRET) Wind Power Plant Integrated System of Ethiopia


Power Distribution£º

Bata Distribution Network Project of Equatorial Guinea


Power Generation £º             

Saudi Electric Corporation Shedgum£¬Faras and Uthmaniyah Excitation System

Excitation System of Mao Khe, Vietnam

Hydroelectric Excitation System of Da adai Rive, Cambodia

Excitation System of Atlas, Turkey

Myanmar Hydroelectric Excitation System


Rail Transit£º

High Speed Rail Comprehensive Surveillance System of Haramain, Saudi Arabia


Power Consumption£º

Ukraine Power Acquisition Project

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