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EHV Line Protective Device NSR-302

NSR-302, computer-based digital HV line protective device series, can serve as the main/backup protection of 110kV and above voltage level transmission lines. When the longitudinal differential protection serves as the fast main protection, special fiber channel or multiplex one can be used as the longitudinal channel and the device supports 2048kbit/s E1 interface. When the longitudinal distance protection serves as the fast main protection, PLC or fiber channel can be used as the longitudinal channel.

  • Hardware design platform of high performance, modular design of CPU (central processing unit) and DSP (digital signal processor): The device is provided with main start element and protection start element. The positive power of the output relay can be released only after the main start element acts so that damage of any component cannot result in unwanted action of the protection;
  • The flexibly combined device plugin configuration can meet the different requirements of the electronic transformer input, conventional transformer input, GOOSE input/output and the conventional hard contact output.
  • High-speed 24-point sampling, real-time parallel computation: The device can perform all the protection logic measurement and computation as well as real-time sorting of fault reports and event records at each point;
  • Whole panel, fully enclosed enclosure, separation of weak/strong current: The associated anti-disturbance measures are taken during software design, significantly improving the immunity; and the EM radiation can meet the associated codes and standards;
  • Rapid action: line’s nearby fault tripping time <10ms, line’s middle fault tripping time <15ms, and line’s remote fault tripping time <25ms (including not channel delay)
  • The measurement element reflecting power frequency change utilizes the floating threshold with the adaptive ability, which is in the strong prevention ability to avoid the system unbalance and interference. So the measurement element can achieve high speed while guaranting safety. There is no frequent startup because the startelement has a high sensitivity.
  • The protection towards power frequency variation has high sensitivity, rapid action and high reliability; does not reflect load current and system swing; suitable for series compensation line; strong transition resistance
  • The advanced and reliable oscillation blocking function can guarantee that the distance protection can enable reliable locking when the system is oscillation and the external failure takes place, and can cut off the failure when the system is oscillation and the internal failure takes place.
  • Adopt integrated zero negative sequence power direction criterion to ensure no mistake shall happen in the longitudinal zero-sequence outside the weak-current high magnetic field
  • Flexible auto-reclosing modes so that several auto-reclosing start modes and auto-reclosing checking modes are available;
  • Complete device self-check strategy;
  • The perfect light path, circuit automatic monitoring and handling mechanism against the exception situation.
  • Friendly human-machine interfaces (HMIs).
  • Longitudinal distance protection(85)
  • Zero-sequence direction longitudinal protection(85G)
  • Enabling or block longitudinal protection(85)
  • Power frequency variation distance protection(21D)
  • Three-stage phase-to-phase distance protection(21P)
  • Three-stage earthing distance protection(21G)
  • Two-stage timing zero-sequence direction(50G)
  • PT line-break phase overcurrent protection(51PVT)
  • PT line-break zero-sequence overcurrent protection(51GVT)
  • Distance acceleration and zero-sequence acceleration protection(SOFT)
  • Remote tripping protection (as to NSR-302**F* device)
  • Overvoltage protection (as to NSR-302*VF* device)
  • Remote tripping on-site judging function (as to NSR-302*VF* device)
  • Power swing blocking
  • Auto-recloser(79)
  • Simultaneous inspection
  • Discordance protection (as to NSR-302*P** device)
  • Overload alarm and overcurrent tripping (as to NSR-302*L** device)
  • Suitable for the distance and direction components and protection logic of series compensated line (as to NSR-302*S** device)
  • Frequent starting function for the situations with frequent changes in load (as to NSR-302*Q** device)
  • CT line-break alarm
  • PT line-break alarm
  • TWJ abnormal alarm
  • Faulty phase, fault location
  • Support exclusive fiber channel, multi-channel and double-channel
  • Self-check
  • DC system no power alarm
  • Hardware circuit on-line monitoring
  • SOE contains 1024 input position change reports, 1024 self-check reports and 256 operating reports
  • The disturbance records contain 64 faults reports and 64 fault oscillagraphic records (the format of oscillagraphic records is compliant with the internationally recognized COMTRADE files)
  • Support multiple timing modes: pulse per minute (1PPM), pulse per second (1PPS), IRIG-B code timing and IEC61588 timing.
  • Flexibly match Ethernet interface or RS-485 serial port. The Ethernet interface can be connected with optical fiber interface or RJ-45 electric interface.
  • 1 RS-232 communication serial interface for printer
  • 1 RS-485(EIA) differential bus interface for timing signal input
  • IRIG - B code clock interface can be connected with the optional fiber interface or electric interface
  • IEC61588 clock checking
  • Three optical fiber Ethernet interface supporting three process layer GOOSE. The interface number can be increased.
  • The SV fiber interface protocol can be matched with the IEC60044-8(in favor of the IEC 60044-8 standard message or the configurable IEC 60044-8 agreement frame format message in State Grid Q/GDW 441-2010 Intelligent Substation Relay Protection Technical Specifications) or IEC61850-9-2. The interface number can be increased.
  • 1 Ethernet interface for computer-aided software for device testing and configuration.

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