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NS3000S Integrated Supervisory and Control System

Seamlessly integrate intelligent components to achieve the informatization, automation and interaction of smart substation based on integrated information platform. Locally monitor, measure, control, regulate, maintain and debug the smart substation of various voltage levels.

Achieve the united access, storage and processing of following systems and provide standardized and normative information access interface for various intelligent applications.

  • Smart substation SCADA system
  • Fault recording system
  • Energy metering system
  • State monitoring system
  • Video surveillance and control system and other auxiliary systems


  • Access various protection, measurement and control devices which conform to IEC61850 standard;
  • Output the communication of data model which conforms to IEC61850 standard;


  • Storage of SCADA standard data;
  • Storage of historical events, such as login, COS, protection and fault etc.;
  • Storage of fault recording information;


  • Comprehensive management ofcommunication access
    • Management of primary and standby channels
    • Channel monitoring
  • Database management
    • Database offline and online configuration
    • Fast retrieval based on B+ tree
    • General SQL data access interface which conforms to IEC61850 standard
    • Support multiple database modes, such as embedded file library and Oracle etc.
  • Source-end maintenance from central control center
    • Automatically generate graph, model and database based on IEC61850 configuration files
    • Automatically export CIM model file and SVG file which conform to IEC61970 standard

Supervisory and Control

  • Mal-operationpreventive lockout logic judgment
  • Sequence control
  • Smart Warning
  • Generation and management of preventive mal-operation guide
  • Voltage reactive power control
  • Real-time monitoring and operation
  • Picture, table, alarm information and management information display
  • Human-machine interface
  • Management of user’s permission

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