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ntroduction of OPEN-3000 Power grid dispatching automation integrated system

OPEN-3000, the integrated automated system of power grid dispatching based on standardized platform is a reliable and practical system which is a new generation EMS system. It adopts new technologies, new standards, and new ideas and is developed by the cooperation of all levels of provincial dispatching centers and regional dispatching centers. Its advanced nature, maturity, reliability, practicability and convenience have become the new benchmark of the industry. It condensed NARI people’s more than 30 years technical accumulation and the engineer experience from hundreds of sited systems. It has become the first choice of many domestic regional and provincial dispatching centers and large or middle-scale municipal dispatching centers.

This system is suitable to be a regional center or a large provincial dispatching center’s automation system. It can also be applied to large and medium-sized city dispatching center and the integration dispatching of city and its districts.

Awards of OPEN-3000:the second prize of national scientific and technological award in 2007; the first prize of scientific and technological award presented by State Grid in 2006; the first prize of scientific and technological award by Jiangsu province in 2006.

Exhibit 5-1 OPEN-3000’s Typical System Configuration



System customization based on demands: Suitable for a variety of patterns. For example, provincial dispatching, integration dispatching of a city and its districts, integration of dispatching and control can all be achieved.


Following IEC 61970 standard


Perfect cross-platform design: not only can be used by both UNIX’s and PC’s(Wintel) platforms, but also can be used by different UNIX’s platforms


Support many contexts: it can support real time context, training context, research context and other contexts.


Reliable redundant mechanism


Twin wires tap technology


Model intelligently


Accident isolation for Commercial database


Comfortable UI design for human


Plug and play ,reliable design for FES


Network-oriented SCADA


Broad applicability, multi-source data processing technology, such as providing the function of  multiple sources for factories and devices


Reliable practical advanced application software (PAS)


Planning context utility software


Advanced similar-to-reality simulation training for dispatchers.

The system OPEN-3000 follows latest international and domestic criterion


Sub systems are independent and can be used the moment when they are connected. Also it can be separated or assembled.


The system OPEN-3000 divides the supporting platform and sub application systems reasonably so that its hierarchical structure is clear and explicit.


The system OPEN-3000 provides abundant and clear human-computer interfaces and its tailor tools.


The OPEN-3000 system achieved overall cross-platform supporting functions so that in many aspects it is independent, which means it has nothing to do with the matches between hardware and OS, languages, access, accidents, updates and expands, as well as transplants.


The standardization of application’s function and its component feature make it possible to use the third party functions instantly, and it supports many access ways.


The system OPEN-3000, based on the security mechanisms includes operation system, can support the safe solution which satisfies “general plan for the secondary device system”.


The system OPEN-3000 system adopts ”1+N”working mode, so that it has the capability of distributed computing process


The system OPEN-3000’s all application functions use the unified model method. There’s no need to maintain according to different applications.


OPEN-3000 system considered its expansibility on capacity and functions to adapt the development of electrical power system and to satisfy the demand of the application in electrical power market.


quantity of factories ≥512

quantity of analogs ≥100000

quantity of states ≥200000


Real-time and Application software operation indicators

Transmit time of analog exceed dead zone: ≤3s

Transmit time of digital changed≤2s

Transmit time of the command of remote control≤3s(including the time of  check-back-operate)

Transmit time of remote regulation≤2s(direct control mode)

Refreshed period of real-time graphics from 2 to 10 sec (could be changed)

Availability ratio of state estimation per month≥95%

Estimate pass percent of analog≥95%

Southern regional dispatching center: Southern power grid’s panoramic integrated energy management system is the first infrastructure construction project of its headquarters. It started in 2005 and it was operated actually in November 2008. The system used OPEN-3000, integration of distributed architecture and several key technologies had great break-through, which includes: 

Monitoring and analysis of regional and provincial power grid integration

“All information”storage and analysis of power grid project

Power grid’s analysis and dynamic monitoring cross safe areas

Low frequency oscillation monitoring, analysis, and recall based on SCADA’s data

“Automatic” automation independent monitoring

Perfect design of information flow


Exhibit 5-2 Home page of southern power grid EMS

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